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Genital warts and the Garlic liquid capsules cure

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Submit Date: 30 Jul 2007
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Treatment used: garlic liquid capsules
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Remedy Description

source: http://www.myhomeremedies.com/static/genital-warts.html

For Genital Warts just pop about 4-6 Garlic liquid capsules a day. At first I had 2 then a few more came. I took about 4 pills a day and on the 3rd day the last

few warts were gone and the 1st 2 dissapeared about 3 weeks later. I still take 2 a day just to keep them away and its been about 2 months and no warts. Im not

Kidding!I thought it was hopeless when i couldnt find a remedy then i saw that garlic worked as a virus killer so I tried it. My husband had a few also and his

are all gone except for his 1st one which is so tiny its not even noticable. Jar can be bought at walmart for about $4.00 and says take 2-3 a day but just take

about 4-6 for a jump start then drop to 2-3 daily when theyre gone

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