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Genital warts and the hydrogen peroxide cure

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Treatment used: hydrogen peroxide
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Genital warts remedy! I found out I had

HPV around a year and a half ago, my

girlfriend was diagnosed with the virus

so it was a matter of time before i

notice these warts growing all over my

genital area! At first I didnt know what

to do. It deteriorated me and my girlfriends

sex life. She thought it was her fault

from a previous relationship and I was

never faithful so I think it could of

been me who could of spread it to her.

So I went online and bought this oil in

a tiny blue bottle that smelled horrible

that didnt work I just started to get

more. Five months after my first wart i

finally went to a doctor, by this time i

had 8 or 9 warts on my genitals. The

doctors told me of the options and

explained everything to me!......

So I decided on the fastest way to get

rid of them... to burn them off...

(((this was the worst experience in my

life it took two weeks to heal, im a

nympho I couldnt take it.. )))))

Anyways.... So nearly 9 months later the

things came back. I only had one this

time. I didnt want to go through this

hell of burning my body again so I

started to look around on the web for

other remedies and things that people

used to treat this issue. I read

something about how viruses cant live

in highly oxygenated areas and then

someone mentioned something about

hydrogen peroxide... And I said this

might work! .. So 8 days ago I went

out to a local grocery store and got a

bottle of peroxide (h2o2) 3% and

started to apply it right on the wart

with a cotton swab the very same night!

Couple of days later I noticed it was

reacting and the wart seem to be getting

a little hard, so I started to apply it

2 to 3 times a day. On day 4 I notice it

had gotten about 1/3 smaller than when I

started the application, it also had harden

a bit more, sort of a tiny scabby tissue

formed on top... The next night when I was

applying I started picking at the hard area

with a clean sterilized toothpick, I picked

off a tiny area but enough for some blood

to come out then took the cotton swab with

peroxide and put it on the wart again this

time I kept it there for about 4-5 minutes..

It started fizzing a lot and making little

fizzing noises, cleaned it off and then went

to sleep. By day seven the thing is almost

gone. And today my eighth day is barely

visible but im gonna keep applying it for

another week or so just to make sure....

But I honestly hope that this could help

anyone out there as much as it helped me.

its very expensive to get this things

burned off not to mention how uncomfortable

and embarrassing they are!.. My bill

was over $14,000 for 9 warts..Good thing

i had insurance. So try it hope it works

for u

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Comment: hydrogen peroxide works b-est -on small warts...

Submit Date: 24 Oct 2008
Author: unknown
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hydrogen peroxide works b-est -on small warts...


Hydrogen peroxide works for small size warts; frustrating when you have an outbreak so try hydrogen peroxide and aspirin in vinegar solution

Comment: peroxide works on warts!!!!

Submit Date: 15 Oct 2010
Author: unknown
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More Links about this Remedy: http://www.myhomeremedies.com/static/genital-warts.html

peroxide works on warts!!!!


I had genital warts in 2006. I was too ashamed and broke to go see a doctor so I tried to remove them myself. I cut them off with a sterile razor blade then held peroxide to the site. The warts never returned and it has been over four years. I don't recommend this to everyone but it worked for me and my then bf.